Eclipse RCP product icons and Maven Tycho

Last time I encountered some problems with application launcher icons when building my RCP application with Maven Tycho.

I got a FileNotFound Exception during product build for the Linux XPM-icon file. For a windows build I got a build-warning: “Error – 7 icon not replaced in …”.

Stackoverflow led me to a post that says something about the icons sizes for Windows launchers [1]. According to this, the following sizes are expected:

For Eclipse 3.7.2:

  • 48×48 8 bit (256 colors)
  • 32×32 8 bit
  • 24×24 8 bit
  • 16×16 8 bit
  • 48×48 32 bit (RGB + Alpha)
  • 32×32 32 bit
  • 16×16 32 bit

For Eclipse 4.2:

  • 256×256, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
  • 48×48, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
  • 32×32, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
  • 16×16, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
  • 48×48, 8 bit (256 colors)
  • 32×32, 8 bit (256 colors)
  • 16×16, 8 bit (256 colors)

I use The Gimp to create the ico files. But it is also possible to do an automatic conversion under Linux using ImageMagick and icotools. For this there is a tutorial here [2].

Furthermore you have to take care about the launcher file path in the product definition file. It mustn’t start with a slash, otherwise you will get a FileNotFound Exception during product build for the Linux XPM-icon file.




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